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The Iconic Mauna Kea Hawaiian Shirt

Discover the new and iconic patterns of the Hawaii Mauna Kea Shirt in this limited edition
Available in limited edition for spring summer 2023.

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A contemporary
luxury label designed
and handcrafted
in Italy.


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Mauna Kea was founded in 1988 by an Italian surfer, travelling the world in search of the Big Wave. The opportunity turned into an internationally renowned luxury brand, which today produces urban-style clothing, reinterpreting underground and streetwear subcultures. Bright patterns, unusual combinations, innovative treatments and excellent materials: are the characteristics that make Mauna Kea's production unique.

The combination of nature and adventure inspires the brand's creative department, which is constantly searching for innovative, unexpected, non-standardised shapes. Those who choose a Mauna Kea garment choose first and foremost the quality of the materials, the craftsmanship of the workmanship, the innovation of the colour treatments, but also and above all the unique and unmistakable design. Discover the Mauna Kea values and let yourself be captivated by the high-class collections.