Jaren Jackson Jr x Manua Kea

Jaren Jackson Jr has designed the new Mauna Kea collection, injecting his unique energy and style into the brand's clothing. Discover the dynamic and daring JJJ collection, perfect for sports and adventure lovers.

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Jaren Jackson Jr for Mauna Kea

Keeping up with the latest trends, Mauna Kea has initiated an exciting new collaboration. The star of the partnership is Jaren Jackson Jr: working together with Mauna Kea, an exclusive line of streetwear has been created.

One of the symbols of the NBA, the 22-year-old player for the Memphis Grizzlies, Jaren Jackson Jr is a true style icon. His rap soul and urban-street lifestyle inspire millions of teenagers, sportsmen and fashionistas. The energy and style of Jaren Jackson Jr are transformed into high-fashion garments with a unique and lively design.

Free to explore, to know and to live

Mauna Kea aims to inspire the younger generation, involving them in a journey to discover themselves and their own preferences. A unique and inimitable self-determination process. Jaren Jackson Jr's ideas have been reinterpreted by Mauna Kea's creative department and moulded into authentic and ingenious garments.

JJJ (Jaren Jackson Jr) is a macro-influencer followed by 349 thousand people on Instagram and 29.4 thousand people on TikTok. The athlete's free-spirited soul, eager to experience, learn and live, perfectly reflects the Mauna Kea DNA: top-of-the-range products for brave new explorers are the result of this union.

The JJJ Collection

The JJJ collection includes jackets, waistcoats, cargo pants, bell bottoms, shorts, hoodies, technical clothing, t-shirts and accessories. All garments are made of quality materials, first and foremost 100% polyester and cotton. The design honours the trends between the 1980s and 2000s, representing a lively and creative time mirror.

Details such as double zips, degradé colours, laces and sparkling colour combinations reflect the creative soul of JJJ and the alternative spirit of Mauna Kea. All garments are made according to the brand's philosophy: in hi-tech materials, according to traditional craftsmanship and using state-of-the-art techniques.

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