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Cargo pants with an ultra-contemporary design

Originating in the 1930s, cargo pants conquered catwalks around the world from the 1990s, when hip-hop culture began to dominate the scene. Today, cargo pants are a must-have item for the modern man's wardrobe. Cargo pants, also called parachute pants or combat pants, were created to offer maximum comfort to military personnel engaged in various training activities.

The design of cargo pants, which has changed over time according to influences from hip-hop culture, is characterised by an abundance of pockets and oversized legs. Mauna Kea reinterprets the concept of cargo pants, outlining a collection of streetwear trousers structured to offer style and sophistication for both men and women.

Tie-dye processes, shibori, steamed prints

Ultra-contemporary design, bright colours and processing techniques are the hallmarks of Mauna Kea's designer sportswear trousers. The brand is inspired by the graphics of the 1990s, reinterpreting the typical design of the advertisements of that flourishing decade. The desire to experiment, to combine vintage design with a desire to explore, also characterises the streetwear sweatpants designed by Mauna Kea.

The line of cargo pants for men uses a rich, vibrant and striking colour palette. The brand chooses bright nuances and innovative colouring techniques. Mauna Kea favours new-generation colour treatments for its streetwear trousers, which are widely used in the contemporary fashion industry: from vaporised prints to eco-ethical decorations, including tie-dye and shibori.

Trendy, versatile and comfortable

The cargo pants designed by Mauna Kea stylishly dress the contemporary man, whatever his age. From the very young to professionals, fashion lovers with a passion for hip-hop and underground influences will find exactly what they are looking for in streetwear trousers. The Italian brand designs ultra-contemporary models, following the latest trends in the industry and staying up-to-date with their customers' preferences.

Mauna Kea cargo pants offer comfort and versatility, as they can be combined with any other clothing accessory. Streetwear trousers represent the essential basis of any outfit, suitable for all daily needs: from walking to sport, from relaxing at home to time spent at work. The collection has been designed with the precise intention of stylishly dressing men without sacrificing comfort.

Urban style interpreted with creativity

Cargo pants and streetwear trousers by Mauna Kea: find the perfect model for your style. The contemporary design is inspired by the charm of Hawaiian atmospheres, combining vibrant colours and creative processing techniques. The brand exclusively chooses high-performance materials and state-of-the-art hi-tech fabrics expertly crafted according to artisan production lines.

Cargo pants creatively express your daring, unconventional character: the personality of a man who does not follow patterns and who breaks out of the ordinary by making bolder choices. Adventure and contact with nature are always in the background, being harmoniously connected to the urban and underground design of the Mauna Kea lines. Match the men's streetwear trousers with classic footwear or hip-hop trainers. Choose urban-style t-shirts or shirts to enhance your original style.

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