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Streetwear hooded or crewneck sweatshirts

The sweatshirt is one of the must-have garments in any wardrobe. Everyone has at least one and uses it at home, in the gym, at the office, during outdoor sports: everywhere, precisely because the nature of this garment is universal. The first sweatshirts were designed in 1925 and produced in cotton to meet the needs of sportspeople. Over time, the concept of the sweatshirt has evolved to the present day.

Today, streetwear sweatshirts are the true heart of any outfit. The sportswear sweatshirt thrives to keep you comfortable during your daily adventures. Besides being extremely comfortable, the Mauna Kea sportswear sweatshirt will give you unrivalled styling. Discover the Mauna Kea streetwear sweatshirt collection, from crew-necks to classic hoodies.

Climbers' accessories for an uphill life

The sportswear sweatshirt concept is based on the desire to offer the wearer a garment that ensures maximum comfort. The wide lines, combined with soft or brighter colours, accompany your daily activities guaranteeing comfort, relaxation and a style like no other. Mauna Kea reinterprets the sportswear sweatshirt concept, creating a line of unique streetwear sweatshirts.

Each sweatshirt is distinguished by the accessories that personalise it: from classic double pockets to zips, colourful laces and applications for climbing enthusiasts. The collection was created to support the curious and passionate approach of young people, who are always ready to experience new adventures with zest and courage. The climbing accessories represent the icons of this concept, oriented towards nature, discovery and adventure.

Enterprising and adrenalin-pumping lifestyle

Men's streetwear sweatshirts are a must-have in your wardrobe. Especially if you love to experience new adventures and discover the world on your own, independently and boldly. Mauna Kea's designs are reminiscent of Hawaiian atmospheres, celebrating the metaphor of waves: never still, always ready to surprise, to collide and meet again, diving into the blue.

Thanks to streetwear sweatshirts, you can show off an outfit full of personality, with enterprising influences and adrenalin-pumping traits. The sportswear sweatshirt is the accessory you need during cool summer evenings, winter and autumn days, or in spring, when you want to wear a comfortable yet stylish garment. A must-have for those who want to combine the class of a handcrafted product with a sophisticated and innovative lifestyle.

Skater, surfer, adventure lovers

Mauna Kea has designed a collection of streetwear sweatshirts dedicated to adventure, surfers, skateboarders and outdoor enthusiasts. The search for clean lines, combined with the desire to embellish the garments with original and comfortable accessories, is transformed into men's streetwear sweatshirts of unrivalled quality. Mauna Kea honours the eternal dialogue between nature, the mother of all elements, and adventure.

Streetwear is the best and most valuable ally during adventures to discover the world outside. Streetwear sweatshirts are the most suitable garment for all adventure lovers, for those who love surfing and skateboarding, but also for those who love walking on the beach, trekking and having fun in the open air. Crew-neck or hoodie, the choice is up to you and your taste: discover all the models and choose your favourite.

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